Training Workshops

These workshop will be based on SIEMENS STEP 5, STEP 7 and PCS7. Additional manuals will be distributed during the workshop.The workshop will use interactive teaching techniques and each participant will be encouraged to participate from the basis of his or her own field experience and insights. We hope that each participant will bring with them a case study on fieldwork they have been involved in related to disasters supported by any materials available such as maps and photographs (or slides). In addition to learning and skills development the workshop will provide a valuable opportunity for those involved in this to meet together and encourage each other. It will be a time to think and work on projects, in time set aside from the ordinary demands of life. It is hoped that it will also be a time for participants to recuperate so as to be able to return to their work with new energy.

Training is provided to plant operators and maintenance personnel for plant specific and package specific needs to improve production and plant availability. PCS Global offers training in Siemens STEP 5, STEP 7 and PCS7 software to all customers who are interested. We also assist in giving training before software migration begins in a company to all persons who are interested.

all training given by PCS Global is provided by SIEMENS accredited software engineers.

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